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Meet the Alwalton Angels – Olivia, Cheerful Charm

Here’s the second of our short series of articles about our Alwalton Angels, the wonderful team of therapists who love nothing better than to make our clients feel amazing.  This time, we’ll get to know Olivia a bit better.

The youngest of our fully-qualified Angels, Olivia always has a twinkle in her eye and a smile at the ready.  She loves what she calls “chatty treatments” where she can have a good natter with our clients, although I should add that she’s very empathic and far too professional to talk if you just want to zone out during a more relaxing treatment.

Olivia trained for two years at Stamford college and then for a full year in the industry before joining the team at Alwalton Hall.   I asked her what it was about being a beauty therapist that she particularly enjoyed.

“It gives you such great job satisfaction.  When you get a client who is stressed when they arrive and then after a treatment they are much calmer it’s a very rewarding feeling.  I’m a bit of a people pleaser.  I like to make people feel good.”

Olivia’s favourite treatment is a pedicure.  “I love a pedi,” she says.  “We spend a lot of time on our feet and we forget how important it is to look after them.  I want our clients to feel like they’re floating on air and walking on clouds after I’ve given them a pedicure.”

Outside work Olivia is quite a foodie, eating out whenever she can, though where she puts it all is a mystery to all of us.  She must have the metabolism of an Olympic athlete.  She’s also a self-confessed shopaholic with a keen eye for a bargain.

I asked Olivia that if she could give one piece of advice on beauty or wellness to her clients, what would it be.  Her answer was typically direct.

“You only get one face, so look after it.”  Well, I guess that sums it up – thanks Olivia!

Finally, I asked Olivia what she liked best about working at Alwalton Hall and being one of the original ”Alwalton Angels”.  She said, “I like feeling like I’m part of a big family, where everyone looks after each other, and I just know that in a hundred years time that having been an original Alwalton Angel will be a big thing.”  Hopefully a bit sooner than that, Olivia, but we love the sentiment!

If you’d like to book a treatment with Olivia or any of the other amazing Alwalton Angels please give us a call on 01733 391166 or use the online booking system on our website. 

Olivia, Vicky, Jess, and the team are always happy to provide a free consultation on your beauty and wellness regime and give you advice on which treatments and products you will find most beneficial.