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Meet the Alwalton Angels – Emily, Silent Running

Here’s the third of our short series of articles about our Alwalton Angels, the wonderful team of therapists who love nothing better than to make our clients feel amazing. This time, we’ll get to know Emily a bit better.

Emily is that vital person in any team who can always be relied upon to do the right thing. She always gives her best to our clients as you’d expect, but that’s just part of the story.  If there’s a job to be done and she’s not with a client she simply gets on with it without being asked.  No complaints, just cheerful, energetic execution.  Always the first in and often the last to leave, Emily’s commitment is unflinching.

Although she’s very vivacious in a social setting, Emily prefers to be “in the zone” when she’s giving treatments, letting her clients relax in peace and quiet, never seeking to fill the void with unnecessary chatter.

That same quiet focus was behind her decision to be a therapist in the first place. “I’m a practical person,” she says, “and I enjoy being able to make clients feel relaxed before, during, and after treatments.”

Emily trained at Stamford college and has now been in the beauty and wellness industry for four years. Her favourite treatment is the Total Indulgence – our special package treatment that combines a classic Decléor aroma massage with a skin-specifc facial over two and a quarter hours.  “I love it,” she says, “it combines my two favourite treatments in one.”

Outside work she loves to spend time with friends and family, shopping, or going out to eat. A smile or a laugh is never far away with Emily so I asked her if she’d had any amusing mishaps during a treatment.

“It didn’t seem funny at the time, but I had a runny nose all of a sudden in the middle of giving a massage and had to put tissues up my nostrils whilst still doing the treatment. I looked ridiculous, and was praying that my client didn’t open her eyes.  It would have completely ruined the moment!”

I asked Emily that if she could give one piece of advice on beauty or wellness to her clients, what would it be.

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”  When you put it that way, Emily, you definitely have a point!

Finally, I asked Emily what she liked best about working at Alwalton Hall and being one of the original ”Alwalton Angels”. She said, “The best thing is the people.  I have amazing bosses who always give me a warm welcome and I love working with the other Alwalton Angels – we’re a team and we all get on really well.  I’m also very proud to have been here from the beginning and seen it grow into a great company already and I’m really excited to be involved in our future plans.”  Thanks Emily – we feel the same way about you!

If you’d like to book a treatment with Emily or any of the other amazing Alwalton Angels please give us a call on 01733 391166 or use the online booking system on our website.

Emily, Vicky, Jess, and the team are always happy to provide a free consultation on your beauty and wellness regime and give you advice on which treatments and products you will find most beneficial.