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Meet the Alwalton Angels – Vicky, Calm Personified

Vicky Lill, Senior Therapist at Alwalton Hall

Over the next few weeks we’ll be telling you more about our Alwalton Angels, the wonderful team of therapists who love nothing better than to make our clients feel amazing. We’ll start with our Senior Therapist, Vicky.

Anyone meeting Vicky is instantly struck by the calm she radiates. Supremely competent and immediately engaging, her intelligence and empathy put you immediately at ease.  There’s strength, determination, and creativity behind that unruffled exterior too.  She’s just the sort of person you’d want to help you in a crisis or pour essential oil on troubled waters.

Vicky trained for four years at Peterborough Regional College in Holistic Therapies (two years) and Beauty (two years) before starting her career five years ago. Her holistic training left a lasting impression on her, which is one reason why her favourite treatment is aromatherapy. She says, “I love using essential oils to help my clients and every blend is different depending on their needs.  It’s very rewarding when clients enjoy the aroma and leave feeling better than before.”

As well as being Senior Therapist, Vicky is of course our aromatherapy specialist, and can blend essential oils uniquely for each client as part of our Alwalton Hall Aromatherapy massage. She works closely with Manager Jess to ensure the very highest of standards in all treatments, including bringing her specialism to bear in making sure that all our therapists are expert in the Decléor Aroma Massages.  These differ slightly from the aromatherapy massage in that they use a range of pre-blended essential oils specially formulated by our partners at Decléor, rather than being mixed on the spot.

As you would expect in a profession like hers, Vicky is very much a people person, and that, combined with her innate creativity, was behind her decision to become a therapist in the first place. “I love meeting new people and knowing that every day is going to be different.  It’s a very creative and evolving career with a high level of personal satisfaction.”

Whilst it can be a serious business, there’s a funny side too. I asked Vicky what the funniest thing that had happened to her involving a client.

“Well it wasn’t too funny at the time, but looking back on it I still chuckle. The thing is, I got stung by a wasp whilst doing a facial!  It was crawling along the floor and the room was dark, so I had no idea it was there until it stung me on my little toe.  But I ‘took it like a man’ as they say and my client said she loved her treatment.  She still has no idea that I was smiling through gritted teeth and soldiering on with a swollen, throbbing toe!”

Vicky’s creativity is demonstrated in her activities outside work too, where she is a keen photographer and baker. She also likes going for walks in the countryside with her family – “it’s good for the soul,” she says.

I asked Vicky that if she could give one piece of advice on beauty or wellness to her clients, what would it be. Her answer was emphatic.

“Cleanse! Please! Cleanse properly! It takes eight hours for our skin to recover from a bad cleanse. Regular cleansing helps skin look radiant and healthy, and helps our other skincare products to work effectively.”

Finally, I asked Vicky what she liked best about working at Alwalton Hall and being one of the original ”Alwalton Angels”. She said, “It’s such a happy place to work!  Maggie and Brian really care about the wellbeing of their therapists.  It’ll be amazing to look back in years to come – when we have grown as a business – and feel proud to have been there from the start.”  Nice one Vicky.

If you’d like to book a treatment with Vicky or any of the other amazing Alwalton Angels please give us a call on 01733 391166 or use the online booking system on our website.

Vicky, Jess, and the team are always happy to provide a free consultation on your beauty and wellness regime and give you advice on which treatments and products you will find most beneficial.